• Question: what else would you like to find out about/ do with the mo0n ?

    Asked by riojade1 to Nicola on 19 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Nicola Potts

      Nicola Potts answered on 19 Nov 2013:

      This is something I will have to think about a lot in the next year – what next.

      I’d quite like to work on a mission going back to the Moon to collect more samples – so not really doing science in the same way I am now with experiments.

      However, what I’d love to look at is a rock from the Moon’s mantle, which we don’t have. Like the Earth, the Moon has a crust which is what we stand on and below that is a layer called the Mantle. Getting a piece of the Moon’s mantle would really tell us a lot about how the Moon formed and how similar it really is the Earth.