• Question: If you had to give your money to a charity, which 3 would you give it too and why?

    Asked by bethen to Sarah, Nicola, Jessica on 21 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Jessica Liley

      Jessica Liley answered on 21 Nov 2013:

      I would give the money to a charity called Village by Village, based in Ghana. They work in lots of rural villages in Ghana which have really poor sanitation, hardly any water facilities, and very bad school facilities too.

      I’m hoping to do 1 month volunteering in a village with the company next year after my PhD finishes. They do hand-washing projects to help the children remember how important good sanitation is… Maybe I could take over some of my new washing powders!

      This is their website incase you’re interested 🙂

      Another one I would give the money to would be Cancer Research UK, because I think having enough money to research for a cure is so important!

      And the third charity would probably be Marie Curie Cancer Care, because the money goes towards free healthcare and nursing care for people with terminal illnesses and their families.

    • Photo: Sarah Tesh

      Sarah Tesh answered on 21 Nov 2013:

      There are so many charities I would want to give money too!

      My first charity choice would be a school in Uganda who need access to safe water to actually allow them to go to school everyday and build a future for themselves. http://www.build-africa.org/pages/kokwech-primary-school.html I would love to be able to help all people around the world have access to safe water. It is such a basic need yet some people just don’t have it.

      I would also choose a cancer research charity. Money is required for the science research needed to develop a cure and saves millions of lives.

      Third choice… I’d like to help the girls around the world who are forced to get married far far too young (like 10years old) to men 3 times their age. These girls often don’t have access to an education and have multiple miscarriages, sometimes causing them to never be able to have children or even causing their own deaths. Its a horrible fact that this is still happening in our world.