Thank you from your winner, Sarah

That was an awesome two weeks! And I can’t believe you voted for me to win! The perfect end to a great and fun experience!

Your questions were brilliant and made me think about aspects of science and work that tend to be pushed to the back of my mind during day to day life. I loved the huge range of subjects and the imagination and creativity behind your questions (I don’t think I would have thought to ask most of them!). Over the two weeks you covered basically every aspect of my work and life as a scientist, asked very specific scientific and thought provoking questions, and even covered my opinions on chicken (love it), Marvel vs. DC (Marvel) and JLS vs. One Direction (1D). I don’t think I’ve ever typed as fast as I did during those Live Chats and I actually became as addicted to checking ‘I’m a Scientist’ for questions as I am with Facebook and Pinterest!

So thank you so much to everyone involved! (Here comes the Bafta/Oscar like list of thank yous…) A massive thank you has to go to the I’m a Scientist team for organising it and running it so smoothly. Thank you Jessica, Nicci, Ivan and James (aka The Scientists) for giving up their time and giving everyone an insight into their lives and research – I actually learnt loads! Like do germs have germs, when are we going to Mars and what causes sand storms – love a bit of new science knowledge! Teachers, thank you for getting students involved! And last, but definitely not least, thank you students!!! Thank you for your questions, enthusiasm and for making the whole experience brilliant!

And thank you so much for choosing me as your winner! I literally squealed in delight when I read the result. People around me were very confused by the sudden outburst. The prize money will be off to Kokwech Primary School in Uganda very soon to help their students all thanks to your votes. Hopefully I’ll get updates which I’ll pass back to I’m a Scientist so you can see how much the money helps.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now! I really hope you all had as much fun as I did with I’m a Scientist and that we have passed on some of our love of science to you.

Thank you!!


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